Giving Thanks #14 & #15

by | Nov 16, 2009 | thankfulness

I wasn’t feeling well last evening, so I didn’t log on to share what I was thankful for yesterday. I’ll do yesterday’s and today’s tonight. 🙂

Last night I found myself thankful for our kitchen. It’s not a fabulous kitchen, and some of our appliances could probably use some updating, but I enjoy it very much. I have been preparing a meal for 150 for Mission of Hope for Tuesday, and I’ve been doing it in pieces all week. I never feel like I’m isolated in the kitchen when I’m cooking, because the way our house is layed out, I can see all the way to the living room and am still with the rest of my family if they are in the dining room or living room. I have really enjoyed that this week with cooking more than normal! 🙂

My brother Pat and my niece and nephews came over last night and we had dinner together. I love entertaining, and it was fun cooking in the kitchen…all of us together!

Tonight I’m thanking God for helping me finish the meal for Tuesday! Cooking is not my favorite thing, nor is it my area of expertise. But I felt God nudging me to make the meal for Mission of Hope for Tuesday. He is certainly stretching me! I made a chicken broccoli rice casserole for 150! I prayed this week that God would help me finish the meal by tonight…and that happened. I didn’t feel very well still this morning, so I wasn’t sure how today was going to go. But I began to feel better late morning, and with His help, I finished the casserole around 5pm today.

This is another example to me how God helps us to do what He calls us to do! This was something I really enjoyed working on all week, even though it was a full week for me, and I’m thankful He equipped me to get it done today. Now I’m praying it tastes as good to everyone else as it usually does to me when I make it. (Only I usually make it for four, not 150!)
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