Giving Thanks #13

by | Nov 14, 2009 | God, thankfulness

Tonight I’m thanking God for more of the “little things”…

– one of the most beautiful sunrises I have ever seen this morning

– my nephews Matt and Adam who stopped by tonight

– time out to dinner with Bill tonight

– enjoying breakfast with my friend Jeanie this morning
– unexpected orders from my customers

– a great conversation with Tina today

– staying in touch with friends and family through facebook

– having time in my office catching up on things this afternoon

– a flexible working schedule

– finishing a great work week today

How many times I miss the little things in life…either I’m too busy to notice them, too preoccupied with my own things to see them, or focusing on bigger things and miss them! I’m glad God is in everything…the little things and the big things! I thank God for these little things tonight! (I guess a sunrise isn’t a little thing, is it? It takes up the whole eastern sky! ) 🙂
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