Giving Thanks #10

by | Nov 11, 2009 | God, health, thankfulness

Tonight I am very tired…I thankful for sleep! I’m thankful God designed us to rest, to sleep, to shut down and to recharge ourselves. Can you imagine what it would be like if we didn’t sleep? I know I would be grumpy and unkind, and people wouldn’t want to be around me!

I know I don’t get enough sleep…that’s something I continue to struggle with. But I can’t complain…I know people who get less sleep in a 24 hour period than I do. My husband is one of them! Bill probably gets maybe five hours of sleep total each 24 hours. I don’t know how he does it. Many times during the week he works 12 hour shifts on very little sleep.

I’ve heard the statistics that we really should get eight hours of sleep each night. I am an early riser…I usually get up at 5am. That would mean I would need to be asleep by 9pm at night! That’s not very realistic for our family’s schedule right now. Nonetheless, I am thankful for the sleep I do get, and I’m thankful God designed us the way He did…for us to rest and sleep! I’m off to do that now. Zach says we have the most comfortable bed in the world…I would agree! šŸ™‚ Good night!
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