Giving Thanks #11

by | Nov 12, 2009 | Serving, thankfulness

I thank God today for our veterans on this Veteran’s Day. I’m thankful for the men and women who have served our country in the past and who are currently serving now. Each one of us who live in the U.S.A. have been blessed with the freedom that these men and women have fought for, and are currently fighting for. Our lives would be so different without their service.

Click on the Giving Thanks #11 title above and you’ll be directed to Toby Keith’s video on YouTube of his song American Soldier. It’s very moving and might bring you to tears like it did me. I think you’ll be touched by it!

A prayer for our veterans…

Father God,
Thank you for those men and women who unselfishly put away their comforts of home to serve our country in the past, and for those who are serving now. Thank you for the many lives they have, and are blessing, by serving our country.

I ask that you would bless them in the ways that only you can. I ask that you would give them great peace, and for the ones who are serving now, I ask that you would protect them, that you would surround them with your love, and that you would safely bring them back home. Please bless their families and take care of them, as these dear women and men may be thousands of miles away from their families.

For those who have served in the past, Father, please give them great joy today, and pride for what they have done. I ask that you would heal any wounds they may still have…physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually. Wrap your loving arms around each one.

For the families who have lost loved ones as they served our country, I ask that you would give each member great peace today. Please help them deal with their grief in ways that will be helpful for them. Take care of them, especially today, Father.

Thank you God for blessing this country. I ask that you would keep your blessing upon us. In your Son’s holy and precious name, Jesus Christ, Amen.
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