Five Weeks!!!

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Making a list and checking it twice doesn’t just happen at Christmastime.

Ask any mom of a soon-to-be high school graduate, and she’ll tell you she’s doing just that.

And much, much more.

Five weeks from today our youngest will walk across that commencement stage and receive his high school diploma.

That reality about sends me into a tailspin. Seriously.

Five weeks!

The emotions wrapped up in this actuality might just engulf me today. How can thirteen wonderful educational years all come down to five weeks? From the first day of Kindergarten, to the jitters of starting middle school, to that momentous day of beginning his high school career. Such priceless memories saturate my mind as I recall these special days, which seem so incredibly long ago, but yet, not.

Zach mom edited And now here we are… quickly approaching his last day of high school.

Where has the time gone?

All attempts in trying to prepare myself for this reality appear to have been useless. It’s not like I’ve had my head hidden in the sand, or that I’ve not known this day would come. I’ve done all I could to prepare this mother’s heart. But our son’s senior year has sprinted by us, even as we’ve attempted to squeeze out all we could in each day. And so here we are.

Lists galore. Plans settling into place. Invitations. Food. Decorations. Photos. (Oh, the photos!) And many joy-filled tears.

Yes, the tears. Even as I write this.

Show choir Zach Julie editedThe assumption that these last five weeks will zip by at warp speed is probably truer than I realize now. With show choir nationals, a full soccer season, prom, his Senior Presentation, college orientation, grad party details and prep, attending other grad parties, and commencement.

These will be the most bustling weeks of the entire school year.

May I soak in every precious minute, every small detail. May I cherish the moment I’m in, and not be overwhelmed with the rush. May I center myself on what’s important, and not on the trivial. May I continue to watch in awe of what God is doing through our son, and may I never cease experiencing life through his eyes.

Cherish the momentAnd I know there are many other moms who are walking right alongside of me through this time of emotion and rush. Many of these dear women are in my circle of personal friends. Not only are we having a child graduate, but many of us are facing an empty nest.

That’s a whole other level of emotion in itself.

But God has equipped us to walk through this time together. To encourage each other. To share the joys, the laughter, the fun, the tears, and the emotions. And to remind us we aren’t alone. He’s walking with us!

Five weeks.

Through them I’ll continue to do all I can to support, encourage, teach, prepare, and pray for this amazing son God has blessed me with. What joy it is to be his mom! And what joy it’ll be to watch him walk across that commencement stage into the future God has prepared for him.

Zach on road editedThanks for sharing this day with me, friend, and thanks for walking with me on this journey.

Much love,



Sharing my thoughts in this post as I link up with my friends over at The Weekend Brew and Blessing Counters. Goodness, they are a bunch of great people. I encourage you to visit!

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  1. Debbie Putman

    Do cherish the moments you’re in. Each one is more precious than we realize as we try to accomplish task after task. Congratulations and enjoy your celebration.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Thank you, Debbie. Yes, cherishing the moments I’m in. That’s my goal these next weeks. Thank you for your encouragement!

  2. Mary Geisen

    These will be the fastest five weeks of yours and your son’s life. I will pray that each moment is cherished and locked away for another time. What a blessing for all of you! You have done well to prepare him and I know you cannot wait to see what is next. I will also share tears with you because I know how this feels. Thank you for joining us at The Weekend Brew.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Mary, it’s good to know I’m in good company. Thank you. I’m glad he’s in God’s hands. We all are as we walk through this transition. I appreciate your prayers and virtual hugs! Bless you for all you do.

  3. Colletta

    Enjoy these next 5 weeks!


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