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by | Apr 18, 2014 | Five Minute Friday

Five Minute FridayFriday! I love Fridays.

The day we write for five minutes on a subject w
ith a one
word prompt. With no concern about punctuation, grammar, all those things we normally focus on. Pure writing. Here goes.


balloons 01 edited

Wrapping the orange, gray and turquoise shades of yarn around those balloons took some time. We tried all sorts of concoctions to make it stick. We landed on the old faithful, Elmer’s Glue.

The mixture of the glue and water held the wayward strings of glue to each balloon. We wrapped and wrapped for hours. Our hands were covered with the glue mixture after we were all finished.

Kind of like our lives. Jesus is the glue that holds us wayward strings to our Creator, the One who formed us and molded us. Without Jesus we have no hope of sticking to God. We’ll just go on our way, and take our own paths. And end up making a mess of it all.

When we allow Jesus to be our glue, we find our life has purpose and meaning. Life is still full of twists and turns, but we aren’t floundering on our own. We have One who is guiding our path. Soon we find, we are completely wrapped around God, and our lives are something absolutely beautiful.

balloons 02 edited

And we’ll find we have the glue, Jesus, not only covering our hands, but every part of us.

Absolutely beautiful!

Whew. Five minutes goes by fast! I’m linking up with many other Five Minute Friday writers at the #fmfparty at


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  1. Sabra Penley

    Love this, Julie. You’re so creative! So very true that when we are glued to Him our lives take on something of beauty. Otherwise, we are just a mess. Blessings!

    • Julie

      I’ve lived being a mess, Sabra. Glue was a hard one for me this morning. Your post was beautiful! Have a great day!

  2. Cathy

    Julie, loved your comparison to the craft. Words so true! Thanks for sharing. Have a blessed Easter weekend! –Stop by Life Bubbling Over Facebook page and enjoy a community of encouragement!

    • Julie

      Thank you Cathy! I hope you had a blessed Easter weekend too! Blessings!


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