The Grass is Greener Elsewhere??

by | Apr 17, 2014 | personal journey

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“I would love to stay home and take care of my family.

Delicious dinners, full of love and devotion–perfectly arranged on plates–would be common in our home.

Our son would wake to the mouth-watering aroma of warm-out-of-the-oven chocolate chips muffins. His favorite.

My husband would be greeted lovingly, with my full attention, each day as he arrived home from work.

And I would have unhurried time to spend in God’s Word, soaking up all He has for me each day.

Oh the joy!”

This life seemed perfect and peaceful, and one I longed for three years ago as I worked at a local mission, forty-plus hours most weeks.

Wouldn’t you know! I’m living that “perfect and peaceful” life today, at home, taking care of my family. Except… it’s not so perfect and peaceful. (Smile.)

My dinners have been far from perfectly plate-arranged, but have been pretty tasty, (minus a few “experiments”) filled with my love and devotion.

My son has enjoyed more mornings of his favorite chocolate chip muffins in the three months I’ve been home, than he’s had in the last three years. (Smile.)

My husband hasn’t always been greeted with my undivided attention.

And, some days I still find myself hurriedly reading God’s Word to get to what I have to do next. (Sigh.)

And do you know what I caught myself thinking last week?

“Maybe I should get a part-time job to add a little more to our family budget.”

What in the world???

Something I desired for so long, and now I’m second-guessing it??

Why do we think the grass is greener elsewhere?

“My life would be perfect if….”
“I would be happy if….”
“I would have peace if….”
“I would be more successful if….”
“I would be happy in my marriage if my spouse would….”
“If I could just earn ____, I would be ____.”

Friend, let me encourage you…
–The grass is plenty green right where you are at.–

Just because something else may look better, it doesn’t mean it is. If you’re thinking something will make you happier, more fulfilled, more content, etc., it probably won’t.

There’s much to be happy, fulfilled, and content about right where you are.

I believe that God has us where He wants us. For a time in my life, He had me serving full-time at a local mission. Now He has me serving my family. I don’t know where He’ll have me next week, next month, or next year. But I know He’ll show me. And when He does, I’ll go. If not, I’ll stay put.

Friend, let’s not wish our lives away. Live fully right where you are, right this very minute. Take a moment to jot down the blessings of where God has you right now. Then thank Him for them. If He has somewhere else for you to go, He’ll show you. Until then, appreciate the grass on your side of the fence.

As I do, I’ll continue to work on the “perfectly plate-arranged” dinners.

Thank you for doing life with this girl, who doesn’t yet have it all together!

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  1. Ellen Chauvin

    I do believe you wrote this just for me today! Thanks for the reminder!

    • Julie

      Ellen, God is getting my attention in lots of things lately. Contentment, especially. Thanks for your encouragement!


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