Are You Ready For An Update?

by | Mar 15, 2018 | #adventure2018

Ahhh… it’s 52 degrees here in Iowa today. It feels like spring! Now, I realize the calendar says it isn’t quite yet, but I’m ready for buds to appear on the trees, my crocuses to bloom (they’re already pushing through the ground), and the grass to show off in all it’s green splendor.

Are you ready for an update?

I’m ready for an update in seasons! Are you?

update :: to bring (a book, figures, or the like) up to date as by adding new information or making corrections

I like updates. Well, for the most part. I don’t care much for the latest Snapchat update, though. I was just getting the hang of the last one. Speaking of updates, you may have noticed something different here at A fresh new look. Bright and calming hues with a special flair. Less distractions. And, a fun, refreshing tone. My friends at Fistbump Media helped me create this brand new image. I like it a lot (imagine me saying that in Lloyd Christmas’ tone on Dumb and Dumber because that’s how much I like it)! Friend, I hope you do too!

There’s just something about an update.

Whether it’s a new hair style, an attitude adjustment, a wardrobe renovation, or a website redo, a fresh update can make all the difference. This website update has for this girl, and I hope it does for you too. I hope you feel like you’re even more welcome here (if that’s even possible) and I hope you enjoy visiting me here even more.

Will you do me a favor, though? Will you let me know somehow that you read this post? Either in the comments below or on Facebook or Twitter or Instagram? I want to confirm all is up and running smoothly behind the scenes over here. Also, will you share with me one thing you like about the new look here at Or if there’s anything you see awry, I’d like to know that too! Thanks so much… you’re the best!

Then get ready for tomorrow. Tomorrow (3/16) we’re going to have an all-out celebration over here. It’ll be quite the online party. Prizes (yes, prizes!), fun, encouragement, coffee, and maybe even donuts and cupcakes!

Join me for this fun day tomorrow, won’t you?

We’ll party here, on Instagram, on Twitter, and on Facebook!

I can’t wait. Thanks for sharing in my excitement! It’s part of my #adventure2018. I look forward to seeing you here tomorrow!



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  1. Tara

    I like it!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Thanks, Tara! I appreciate you stopping by? What are you celebrating today? I understand it’s been an emotional week for you. Have been lifting you in prayer. You are loved!


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