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by | Apr 7, 2011 | God, God's blessings, Jesus

“We take for granted ‘the little things’ like the smell of fresh coffee in the morning, the sound of a child’s laughter, the warmth of the sunshine on our face, or the beauty of a rainbow.  What we need to remember is that every moment we are given is a precious gift from God that we should cherish and be thankful for.”

The above quote came from Wendy, a friend of mine on facebook.  Wendy was a year older than me in high school, and even though we weren’t that close in high school, we’ve reconnected through facebook…which has been a gift for me.  With her permission, I wanted to share her above quote.

Today I focused on soaking everything in I could.  I tried to appreciate each moment of today, even though I did get very frustrated for a few moments due to actions of others.

I am so, so, so thankful I have Bible Study Fellowship in my life, this year especially.  Today’s class was nothing less than amazing to me.  Our discussion group is filled with women who are closer to my mom’s age, and I have learned so much from them.  Today our discussion seemed to stay on the subject of Isaiah 53…the suffering of God’s Servant, Jesus, as He was crucified on our behalf…even though we were studying chapters 54-57.  We can’t seem to leave chapter 53 from last week!  I believe our Easter celebrations will certainly take on a whole new focus for each of us this year.

We had a great Bible study at Mission of Hope today at lunchtime.  I will probably share more of that in my Mission Tuesday post this week.  It was completely wonderful!

As Wendy wrote, “…every moment we are given is a precious gift from God…”  Amen, Wendy.  Amen!!  I am really trying to pay attention to the little things, to live life to it’s fullest, to honor God in every area of my life, and to be thankful for His blessings.  We all have so much to be thankful for!  On the top of my list tonight is the sacrifice Jesus made for my life, and my wonderful family!   

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