100. Do You Know How Amazing You Are?

by | Jul 4, 2023 | Podcast

We’re tossing confetti and inflating balloons here today! We’re having one big party! Well, not really, but inside I sure am! We are not only celebrating 100 episodes of the podcast today, but we’re also celebrating you and how amazing you are!

Do You Know How Amazing You Are? | woman on hammock with hands behind her head relaxing

Can you believe this is episode 100 of the Encouragement for Real Life Podcast? I can’t. Well, I guess I can and I can’t. Both. Because to me, it doesn’t seem like we’ve been here for 100 episodes. Time goes by so fast these days, doesn’t it?

Yet, we’ve journeyed through much in 100 episodes, haven’t we??!

Everything from why I began the podcast, to talking about seasons of transitions, to learning about distractions, to walking through trying circumstances, to sharing personal stories of hope and encouragement. We’ve experienced a lot together, and if you haven’t listened to all 100 episodes, that’s okay. But they are available if you ever want to go back and check them out. In fact, I invite you to. Because you’ll gather a little more info as to why this podcast exists and my heart for God and for you.

But more than celebrating this milestone episode, I’d rather celebrate you. Why? Because truly, you are the reason why this podcast exists. A number of you asked if I ever thought about doing a podcast, which at the time, I hadn’t. So, God used you to plant seeds in my heart. It’s because of you that my mind was opened to the idea of a podcast as I followed God’s prompting. It’s because of you I keep showing up here each week. Because, no matter how cheesy or weird it may sound, you matter to me. You are the reason I do what I do. (Well, and because God has called me to do so.)

So, yes, you are worth celebrating.

Do you know how amazing you are?

If it’s okay, I’ll remind you today.

Simply because God created you amazing. You are unique, one of a kind, and special. No one looks like you, acts like you, is blessed with the same gifts and talents as you. You are God’s amazing creation. In fact, His Word tells us just how amazing He created you.

I share scripture regarding how God made you and what He thinks of you. Plus a list of what else God’s Word says about you and how amazing you are. (You’ll find these also listed in a printable designed for you in my Free Resources.)

Click on the player above to listen to the 13-minute episode.

Thank you for showing up here week in and week out. Thank you for allowing me to journey though life with you. I thank you for giving me the extra reason to keep doing what I’m doing. Like I say often, I’m glad we get to do this real life together. I celebrate you today in this 100th episode!

Thanks for being here! God bless you.

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  1. Teresa A Moyer

    Psalm 139 OH my fav!


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