131. Did God Say That? This Is Impacting My Life!

by | Feb 6, 2024 | Podcast

I love it when God takes me deeper with Him on various subjects, and last week’s episode with Michelle Layer Rahal, pointed me to think about a number of things with God. The question that keeps coming to mind is this:

“Did God say that?”

Did God Say That? This Is Impacting My Life! | woman standing among foggy trees in a long tan coat looking up

And I’m using it in a number of ways in my life now. Because it’s been helping me in the last week, I thought it might help you, too. What do I mean? I’m using this four-word question four ways. Maybe I’ll use it more in the days to come, but right now, these four ways are helping me discern truth.

1 – Listening for God’s voice
I’m paying attention to hearing God’s voice so I don’t have to wonder and ask the question, “Did God say that?” I know it’s Him.

2 – Checking my thoughts
When negative or discouraging thoughts enter my mind I’m asking the question, “Did God say that?” I know the answer each time.

3 – Basing what I believe on truth
When I read something or hear someone mention something about God or the Bible, I’m asking the question, “Did God say that?” I’m making sure what I believe is based on truth.

4 – Questioning what I do
I’m taking a look at my life and analyzing everything I do, asking the question, “Did God say that?” or “Did God direct me to do this?” This has been enlightening!

We dig into these four areas a little deeper.

Click on the player above to listen to the full 16-minute episode.

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In closing, I pray this all-important question of “Did God say that?” will help you draw closer to God and experience His peace, presence, and provision unlike you ever have before. He loves you so very much! May you know just how much today. I’m grateful for you and your presence here, and I’m glad to cross paths with you today. I’m cheering you on, friend! God bless you!

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