130. Are You Listening? With Michelle Layer Rahal

by | Jan 30, 2024 | Podcast

I recently had an inspiring and encouraging conversation with fellow author and friend, Michelle Layer Rahal. It impacted me greatly as she gave me much to think about regarding listening for God’s voice, seeing God in our every day, and growing in faith. I’m sharing that conversation in today’s episode. Michelle and I met through a community hosted by our writing coach, and after we got to talking, we realized we have lots in common.

Are You Listening? with Michelle Layer Rahal | image of Michelle Layer Rahal and her book Are You Listening?

I believe you’ll be blessed by this conversation with Michelle Layer Rahal!

Michelle Layer Rahal is the award-winning author of Straining Forward: One Woman’s Journey from Oppression to Redemption in the Wake of the Vietnam War and Are You Listening?: A Guide to Recognizing and Responding to God’s Voice. She is a former radio news reporter and educator, who now enjoys leading Bible studies, coaching aspiring authors toward publication, and singing worship songs at the top of her lungs. When not in front of the computer, Michelle can usually be found in the kitchen preparing a gourmet meal for friends and family. She lives in Virginia with her husband and blogs about God’s tangible presence.

Click on the player above to listen to the full 29-minute episode.

What’s one thing that encouraged you through our conversation today?

What will you apply to your life? We’re discussing this over at our private Encouragement for Real Life Community on Facebook. Stop by for a few minutes and be inspired. The link to this group is in the show notes.

You can connect with Michelle and learn more about her in the links in the show notes, and I encourage you to do so. Michelle is a delightful soul, and I think you will enjoy how she is an encouragement in faith. And as we mentioned, Michelle is generously giving away eBook copies of her latest book, Are You Listening?, to two listeners of the Encouragement for Real Life Podcast. If you’d like to enter the drawing, the link to do so is in the show notes.

Also, check out my Free Resource Library on my site. It’s full of tools to help you live encouraged and undistracted. Things like printables, bookmarks, lockscreens, and I even include some fun scavenger hunts! The link to this library is in the show notes as well.

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Are we listening?

I pray we each pause long enough today and this week to hear God’s voice. Are we listening? I pray we are. Friend, keep putting one foot in front of the other and walking close to God as you do. Thanks for being here today! God bless you!

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