116. Celebrating the Launch of Right Now Matters Part 2

by | Oct 24, 2023 | Podcast, Right Now Matters

We’re still celebrating over here, and I’m glad you are here to join in the fun! A week ago my first book, Right Now Matters: Empowering Right-Now Women in a Culture of Distraction released into the world. It’s been quite a week. One big exciting piece is that it ranked as the #1 New Release in the Christian Family & Relationships category on Amazon on Tuesday! I was shocked and elated. God did it and I just stood back in awe. I continue to be in awe of how God uses the words He gave me in Right Now Matters to empower women to walk away from the distracted lives we’re living and to draw near to Him in the process! So, thank you for celebrating with me the launch of Right Now Matters!

Celebrating the Launch of Right Now Matters Part 2 | woman holding the Right Now Matters book

Last week in Part 1 I shared a conversation I had with my friend Deb as we talked about all the things about Right Now Matters. (Link below.) Today I’m sharing Part 2 of our conversation. I pray it encourages you and inspires you to follow God and His leading for your life. He’s got good plans for you, friend.

We discuss everything from the title of the book, to sunrises and sunsets, to the subtitle, and what does it mean to be a right-now woman. Who is a right-now woman, anyway? I point you to someone in Scripture.

Click on the player above to listen to the full 24-minute episode.

The launch of Right Now Matters is incredibly exciting!

I am sharing much of it on social media, so look for all the fun over there on Instagram, Facebook, Threads, and Pinterest.

Thank you for hanging with Deb and I today as we continue to celebrate the launch of Right Now Matters. My prayer is God uses any part of my story to encourage you to follow Him closely and to seek His will for your life. He may guide you to do unexpected and unplanned things, kinda like He did me. But no matter, He will guide you to what’s best–His best. I’m cheering you on today, friend! God bless you!

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Encouragement for Real Life Podcast, Episode 116, Celebrating the Launch of Right Now Matters Part 2
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