Can We Extend Summer?

by | Aug 31, 2008 | Real Life

It’s Labor Day weekend. It seems like we just enjoyed Memorial Day weekend–the beginning of summer, and here we are already at the weekend which marks the end of summer! Summer flew by way too fast for me! I enjoy summer–it’s my favorite of the four seasons. I love living all summer long in shorts and flip-flops. I love the more relaxed schedule at our home. I love the bonfires, the get-togethers and the summer-type activities!

I wish we could extend summer this year! We are squeezing in as much “summer” as we can this weekend. We enjoyed attending a family friend’s wedding yesterday (it was a beautiful wedding), and last night our family went to one of our neighboring towns to take in their annual fireworks show. Today we are going to a Kernels baseball game after church with our friends, the Herrings.

Time goes by so fast, doesn’t it? Since we can’t extend summer on the calendar, I can at least extend it in my heart. I can soak every special moment in, and try to pay attention to and appreciate the little things. Again, my camera went with me yesterday, so I was able to capture some more of our memories on film. Enjoy! Thanks for coming along with me all summer long! I look forward to a wonderful autumn together!


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