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by | May 15, 2011 | This Lefe Family

Thank you God editedGod blessed me in many ways this week, despite the fact that it was in no way a “normal” week for me and my family.

Monday morning was our last Leaders’ Meeting for BSF, and it was our Sharing Day.  We had a wonderful feast of all kinds of brunch-type food…breakfast casseroles, pastries, breads, fruit, juice and coffee.  It was a gift to hear the many blessings my leader friends shared with our group from our study of Isaiah this year!

Monday afternoon I planted flowers.  My pots on our back deck look beautiful!

Monday later afternoon Zach had a school soccer game.  His team won. It was enjoyable to watch him and sit by Michelle, Jordan’s mom!

Tuesday was a wonderful day at Mission of Hope.  I enjoyed connecting with our friends!

Tuesday night, Ali became very sick.  That wasn’t the blessing, but praying with her and having others pray for her was.

Wednesday morning I chose not to go to our last BSF class (Sharing Day), but to stay home with Ali instead.  I’m so glad I did.  Ali seemed to be worse…and had many symptoms of meningitis.  I went into the Mission for an hour at noon to lead the noon Bible study, drove back home to pick Ali up, and took her to the doctor.  We have such a caring and compassionate doctor’s office!  She was diagnosed with strep throat.  Again, many were praying for healing for Ali…the symptoms lessened by the time we arrived home.

I was blessed to stay home and take care of Ali Wednesday night.  Thursday morning, I again stayed home with her.  She seemed a little bit better, so I went in to Mission of Hope before noon to check in with the staff and attend our Leadership meeting.  Our Leadership meetings are uplifting, encouraging and are so helpful!

I had a hair appointment Thursday night with Tracy, who I’ve gone to for years.  We decided to go a little “lighter” for summer.  It’s a change, but I like it.  I left her salon with a lift in my step!  I love getting my hair done!

Friday I had the day off.  Tina and I were supposed to have a “girlfriend weekend” away, but with Ali still being sick, and Tina wasn’t sure if her husband Mike would have to work the weekend, we decided not to go away.  I spent some time reading God’s Word and just being in His presence.  I got some things around the house done, and took care of Ali.  Tina and I went to dinner at the Londoner, had ice cream at Coldstone, and did a little shopping at Target Friday night.  It was so nice to catch up with her as friends again. 🙂  God blessed us with a wonderful time!

Yesterday Ali still didn’t feel the best.  It rained ALL day.  Tina and I decided since Mike didn’t have to work and since Bill was home, we could to go to a matinee and to dinner.  Our girlfriend weekend could still be a girlfriend weekend, even without going away. 🙂  We saw Jumping the Broom.  Cute movie with many underlying themes.  We followed it with dinner at Texas Roadhouse.  (Ate too much!)  By spending that quality time with my best friend, I feel connected to her once again!  I don’t know what I’d do without Tina!

And today, Ali is still home.  Bill and Zach went to Zach’s soccer game.  My friend Patty blessed me with a phone call this morning.  It was so nice to catch up with her!  Both of our daughters are sick.  It was nice to be able to encourage each other!  Oh, how I miss her!  I read the book Heaven is for Real here at home.  It was WONDERFUL!

I thank God for the many blessings He provided me and my family this week.  It wasn’t the kind of week I thought it would be, but I was able to see God’s hand through it all, and I’m thankful it was the week He wanted for us.  I pray this week that we will all be healthy and that we will be able to get back to our normal routines.  And I pray I will be open to see the many blessings God brings our way!

Have a blessed week!

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