Heaven is for Real

by | May 15, 2011 | Inspiration

Wow…I just finished reading Heaven is for Real by Todd Burpo with Lynn Vincent.  My daily plans have changed a lot lately, due to me being sick, and Ali being sick.  Today was another one of those days. 

So, when I found myself at home again, instead of traveling 1-1/2 hours north to Zach’s soccer game like I originally planned, I dug into this book that Tina had recommend I should read.  She said I could read it in a day, but I don’t think she knows how much of a slow reader I am.  But I did…I read it in a matter of hours.  And I want to read it again to catch anything I possibly could have missed!

I won’t go into all sorts of details, in case you haven’t read it, but it’s about an almost four year old boy who experiences heaven during an emergency surgery.  He shares details and stories with his parents about people he meets in heaven, what Jesus looks like and what heaven looks like–that matches the Bible’s details about heaven. 

It touched me in ways I wasn’t expecting.  I see heaven in a whole new way.  I was excited to depart to my eternal destination before, but I’m anticipating it even more now.  I picture Mom and Dad there in a new way.  I picture Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit there.  I am thinking about how I will meet my grandparents whom I never met on this earth.  I’m thinking about the colors, the sounds, the light, and what I will experience.  I can’t wait!

I encourage EVERYONE to read this book!  It’ll make you cry, it’ll encourage you in your faith, it’ll inspire you, and God might even use it to heal some things in your life as well!  I’m going to encourage my children to read it also…I think it will change their lives.  I certainly changed and enhanced mine!

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