Final Sunday Football Game…

by | Jan 21, 2013 | This Lefe Family

It’s dawning on me that this is probably the last Sunday Zach and I will be watching pre-Superbowl football together until next fall. 🙁

We’ve cheered (ok, maybe I’ve been the one cheering) for 20 weeks, and even though our Colts aren’t in the post season anymore, we’re still pulling for other teams. It’s been a fun 20 weeks for me. I hate to see it come to an end.

But as we are sitting here watching the Ravens and Patriots, I’m thinking of more important, life-changing things than football. (Not that football isn’t important.)

I’m thinking of our friends Jeanie and Bill and their family. Bill’s father passed away this week. Even though he had been sick, it’s still hard to lose a dad, no matter his age or how sick he was. The visitation was Friday night and Bill, Ali and I attended. My heart has been turned towards them all weekend.

God has seemed to allow Jeanie and I to experience many of the same things together, including our parents–her mom and my mom–being in the hospital at the same time, and losing our parents in the same month–her dad and my mom–in 2006. She is, no doubt, a friend God has intended for me to have for the remainder of my life. I’m so thankful God used our Mary Kay careers to bring us together, and I’m grateful He has called us both to serve Him through Mission of Hope (and still through Mary Kay).

I’m also thinking of our friends Jeff and Karen, and their daughter Jordyn. Jordyn has been in the hospital for over a week now, dealing with a large blood clot in her body. Jordyn is a year younger than Zach…so young for such a thing to happen. Memories of the days and nights I spent at Ali’s side in the hospital in August have come rushing back to me. I understand some of what they may be going through. Maybe God has allowed me to experience having an ill child in order to have a sensitive heart towards others who do. I have been praying for them all. It looks like Jordyn is healing and making great progress. God hears and answers our prayers! From experience, I can imagine how exhausted Jeff and Karen are, but I also understand they wouldn’t want to be anywhere else except at Jordyn’s side.

And I’m also thinking of my BFFL (Best Friend For Life) Tina. She was so sick this week and seemed to turn a corner yesterday. I’m so thankful. I miss it when I can’t talk to her every day, and I certainly missed her last week! I have been praying for her recovery as well.

She encouraged me through our texts tonight regarding my parenting. I desperately needed her words. Her words of encouragement made me cry. I don’t know what I’d do without her. No one, except God and my mom, knows/knew me like Tina. I guess that’s what I should expect for being as close as we have been for 30+ years! So thankful for her!

Fourth quarter…Ravens have the ball. Better get back to my football buddy! Much love to Jeanie & Bill, Jeff & Karen, and Tina as I watch the finish of this game. 

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