A Recap of Our Weekend

by | Apr 19, 2009 | family

Good news! We survived our crazy schedule this weekend! 🙂 I didn’t mention that Friday night we attended a fundraising concert for Mission of Hope at one of the area local churches. It was a great evening, but a late one…we didn’t get home until after 10:30! Zach’s team played very well in their tournament both yesterday and today, Ali played the flute beautifully at her Ensemble Contest yesterday, and we had a great time at Patrick’s birthday party last night. I have to say though, that we are all exhausted…especially Zach! He played his big heart out! I am so completely proud of his hard work and effort on the field!

We escaped a downpour yesterday…just got sprinkled on, which I was thankful for. The sun even poked through a few times. Today was much chillier with 50 degree weather and the wind made it feel even colder!

I missed Jill incredibly. At games like yesterday and today, she would have been the mom who you could hear above everyone else, cheering Alex, Zach, and the boys on. We would talk about running somewhere to get a mocha or a latte to warm us up, and we’d probably complain to each other just a little how cold it was today. She would have been wrapped up in her black and orange soccer tie blanket, sitting in her blue soccer chair. It made me smile when I thought of how she used to call Alex “Dozer” for bulldozer, or “Punkin” (which Alex hated) from the sidelines. 🙂 Jill’s sister Robin was there both yesterday and today with her husband. It did my heart good to connect with her again.

The plan for tonight??? To do AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE and to go to bed early! Monday morning will come soon enough and we’ll be off and running again! 🙂
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