A Mom Thing? Or Just Me?

by | Feb 12, 2014 | Parenting, This Lefe Family

As I sat in anticipation in the elaborate theater this evening, six rows from the front, I was so excited. I felt I could almost jump out of my skin. Our daughter was to my right, and a woman whom I didn’t know was to my left. We were at an exhibition showcasing five local high schools’ show choirs.

Maybe it’s a mom thing, or maybe it’s just me. This is an all too familiar feeling at every single show choir performance… it was the same when our daughter was up there on the stage a few years ago. Now it’s my son. I find myself sitting on the edge of my seat as I wait for the curtains to open. Be still my heart.

As they performed, I almost caught myself singing right along with them. I’m wondering now if I was also moving along to the music. I’m sure the woman to my left wasn’t amused.

Some of the songs in their show are classic 80’s songs…songs in my era. Welcome to the Jungle, Sharp Dressed Man, and The Heat Is On. And for those of you in the NHS Marching Band years ago, you’ll appreciate knowing the Peter Gunn theme song is in a portion of their show. (Big smile.)

Tonight’s exhibition was a wonderful display of local musical talent. For years I’ve witnessed our school’s talent, and it was a joy to watch the other schools’. But I’m a tad bit biased, and I always will be. Our school shined. Bravo, The Ambassadors! Bravo!

And as always, I took a ton of pictures… 308 to be exact of their 23ish minute show. I realize only a small minority of people will cherish the scenes below as much as I do. Thank you for allowing me to be that mom who shows how proud she is of her children through pictures!

Nice job, Zach! You continue to make your parents proud!

(Ever see a treadmill in a show choir performance? You have now.)
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