A Few of My Favorite Things…

by | Jan 16, 2011 | just for fun

Every now and then I share about some of my favorite things. 

Tonight as we are sitting in our living room, watching the Packers/Falcons game, I’m enjoying the scent that is filling our home.  It’s Scentsy’s Autumn Sunset in my Scentsy warmer. 

I have enjoyed all of my Scentsy products!  I was first introduced to Scentsy by my friend, Jeanie.  She gave me a warmer and a couple of different scented candle bars for my birthday last year.  Her sister is a Scentsy consultant.  Since then, I’ve received more scents and purchased another warmer.  My sister-in-law gave me a plug-in warmer and a couple more scents for my birthday this year!  I love them all!!  I think I now have something for every season of the year! 

Not only do I enjoy the scents that fill my home, I also enjoy how safe these warmers are.  I stopped burning candles a few years ago when I realized I had left our home one afternoon and left a candle burning on our dining room table.  (No one was home.)  I was shocked to arrive back home a couple hours later to find the candle still burning!  I’ve never burned another candle since, and I thank God for protecting our home that afternoon!

I find it to be such a joy to have our home smelling so good!  Thanks, Scentsy! 🙂

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