10 Day Give – Day 2

by | Oct 3, 2010 | giving

Yesterday was my 2nd day in The 10 Day Give.
I made my family one of their favorite meals for lunch…Last Minute Lasagna.
I spent a few hours at Mission of Hope yesterday afternoon, and gave encouragement to a co-worker, and my friends there. 
I gave at church last night.
On the way home from church, we stopped at the grocery store and Ali and Zach picked out some things I normally don’t get for them…they each got to choose their dinner last night.  They were super happy they were able to do so.  I felt like I gave to them in that special way.

So, I guess these things aren’t monumental ways of giving, but it felt good to do each one none the less.  I love this 10 Day Give! 🙂

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