10 Day Give – Day 9

by | Oct 10, 2010 | giving

Yesterday was Day 9 of The 10 Day Give.

I stopped in at the Mission in the morning, mainly because I had forgotten a few things there on Friday.  I stayed for about a half-hour and visited with everyone there.  It was a nice morning to do so. 

Ali got a massage yesterday, so again, I gave Candace, our massage therapist a larger than normal tip. 🙂  I like doing that!

I had the honor of being asked to do Lauren’s (Ali’s friend) makeup for a Homecoming she was going to yesterday.  That is one special way I can give of my training and talents.  I LOVE helping others with their makeup for special occasions!  That was quite fun for me, and Lauren looked stunning!

We organized and cleaned at home yesterday afternoon which was a wonderful feeling.  We spent time with my brother, Pat and his sons last evening. 

Today is Day 10.  I need to get creative today in my giving! 🙂

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