Happy Bill’s Garage Day!

by | Oct 3, 2010 | fall, family, just for fun

Today in 1972, my dad purchased and began his own mechanic garage.  He named it “Bill’s Garage.”  Because this was such a special day for him, he termed this day “Bill’s Garage Day.”  Our family has called it that ever since.

Today I either called or texted my three brothers and wished them a Happy Bill’s Garage Day.  We all have special memories of Dad’s garage…my two oldest brothers probably hold the most memories.  Bill’s Garage was in existence until 1992, when that summer, Dad decided to retire.  So, for 20 years, he worked most weeks Monday through Saturday, helping people with their vehicles, farm equipment, school buses, trucks, and etc.  It was hard work, and rarely did he ever complain.  I learned a lot from watching him and his work ethic.

I found the article today that was in the local little newspaper back in 1972, announcing Dad was buying and starting his mechanic garage.  It made the front page of the paper!  When I showed it to Ali and Zach this evening, they both smiled.  They loved their Grandpa, and I only wish they could have experienced Bill’s Garage like I was able to. 

Happy Bill’s Garage Day everyone! 🙂
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