Who Have I Hurt As A Christian?

by | Aug 7, 2014 | Love God, Love Others, personal journey

I conversed with many last evening regarding yesterday’s post.

I guess I’m not the only one who has walked through the hurt and damage done by other Christians.

This brings me to today’s post.

I wonder who I have hurt in the past by my actions, my words, my hypocritical life at times. Who, because of me, has turned their backs to God or to the church?

These questions make me almost sick to my stomach.

They make me run to God and plead for forgiveness.

crossI’m so not above reproach. I’m in good company with sinners of every kind. I look back at all the terrible things I’ve done, the awful things I’ve said, the junk that I’ve hurled around for years. I shake my head in disbelief.

How could I have done such things? How can I continue to do some? When will I ever have victory over them?

And I’m a Christian, for goodness sake.

I’m living proof that Christians mess up. I’ll be first to admit perfection isn’t mine, and it never will be this side of eternity. I so wish it was. But I’m thankful Jesus loves me anyway.

I wish I knew who to apologize to in person, and with whom I need to set the record straight. I pray God reveals them to me.

–To ask for a second chance to show them who Jesus really is.

–To ask them to give Jesus a second chance. He’s not who they think He is.

–To show them those who follow after Him (namely me!) are sometimes just as messed up as anyone else. Because of that, I’ve realized I need the help of the only One who can help this sorry soul of mine.

This, then, points me to my own forgiveness.

I can’t speak for the others in my family, but I have forgiven those who have done the damage to our family’s faith. Even so, the wreckage remains. Only God can pick up the pieces and make it whole again. That can only happen on His timetable, not ours.

And so we wait. Patiently wait, as we walk through this time of healing.

If you’ve been hurt by Christians or “church people” or whatever you call us, I pray you can work through your offense and choose forgiveness. It won’t make what they did right, but it’ll make you right.

And if I may boldly ask, if you’ve walked away from Jesus because of another, or because of me, would you be willing to give Him a second chance? He’s not who you think He is. Jesus is not who His followers are. He’s perfect. They are not.

Jesus is not who His followers are.Sending much love your way today,


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  1. Kristine

    I feel like this one was just for me today, Julie:) Thank you!!

    • Julie

      Me too, Kristine. Hope all is well in your corner of the world!


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