40. Where Is God In Your Life?

by | May 10, 2022 | Podcast

Have you ever looked up to the heavens and asked, “God, where are you?” Or even though you know scripture says God is always with you, you viewed your situation and wondered, “God, are you anywhere in this mess?” Well, in today’s episode we are pausing to find truth and hope and a whole lot of encouragement regarding this subject, where is God in your life?

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A number of years ago God called me to serve the homeless and the hurting in our community through a local mission. It was more of a calling than a job. And God transformed my life through this calling and the people He put in my path. Some day I’ll share more about this calling on the podcast, but one thing I cherish from those mission days is how God showed up every single day.

Seriously. I saw God.

Not physically, mind you, but I saw Him and His activity every single day there. Truly, every single day. Like the day when we received ice cream cones as a donation in the morning. We typically received all kinds of donations, but when these ice cream cones showed up I thought, “How in the world will we use these? We don’t have ice cream on hand and neither do our homeless friends, so what are we going to do with these cones? Needless to say, we set them aside and went on with our day.

But wouldn’t you know, someone else donated two gallons of ice cream for lunch that day, not knowing we received the ice cream cones earlier! What a treat ice cream cones were to those we served lunch to that day! God knows our needs before we do, even if it is just treating us to ice cream cones!

I have story after story similar to this one of God’s presence from those days at the mission. Some day I’ll share them all. But stories like these remind us God is always with us, especially in our everyday, ordinary lives.

Yes, God is always with us. How do I know? Not only because I witness His presence, but because His Word tells us so.

In this episode I share some of my favorite Bible verses that answer the question, “Where is God?”.

So, where is God in your life?

Where is God in your current circumstances?

Where is God in your day-to-day activities?

Do you see Him? Do you notice His hand in your life?

Because He’s there. He is with you. There’s never a moment that He’s not with you and me.

I share what happened after I stepped away from ministering at that mission in 2013, and where I see God in my life now. It may surprise you.

Listen to the full 15-minute episode by clicking the player above.

As we intentionally look for God in our daily lives, we will find ourselves drawing closer to Him. Our hearts will naturally turn towards His direction, and we will more sensitive to His leading. All because we are paying attention to His presence. I pray we find ourselves in awe of Him often. God bless you!

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Where Is God in Your Life?   flower growing in crack of sidewalk
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