Where I Saw God Today Jan. 4

by | Jan 5, 2012 | Faith

One of the things I’m focusing on in this new year is looking for God throughout my day.  The Bible tells us that God is with us, He will never leave us nor forsake us, and He is in His creation.  I’m excited to share in my posts where I see Him in my days.

This morning I had about 45 min to spare after taking the kids to school and before going to Mission of Hope.  I had packed my Bible Study Fellowship lesson with me so I could work on it during that spare time.  I’m so glad I did, as I sat in my car in the McDonald’s parking lot.

We haven’t had BSF class since the middle of December.  We take a three week break during Christmas.  It’s been nice to have that extra time in my schedule to do other things, but I miss BSF.  I usually wait until the last week of break to do my lesson the week before we return, so that it’s fresh in my mind. 

As I read the notes, an excitement grew within me about digging into God’s Word again.  Oh, how I’ve missed that.  I’ve read God’s Word during break, but really studying it is a different story. 

Many parts spoke to me.  One was on the subject of faith…

“Faith is not a matter of believing in oneself to fulfill one’s potential.  It is not a positive mental framework or maintaining a serene emotional atmosphere.  It is a deliberate decision to put one’s full trust in the character of God who will do what He has promised.”

God gave me what I needed this morning through His Word.  He always does.  We can trust God to fulfill all He has promised!  I was strengthened by His Words throughout my day, and I was able to encourage others in it as well.  God is evident through His Word…and I saw Him through it today.  What a gift!  I pray you can experience this gift tonight or tomorrow too!

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