What is Heaven Like?

by | Sep 3, 2009 | God, Inspiration, just for fun

Last week I gave Tina a gift (her love language). Part of the gift was a book called “Soul Food.” It’s full of wisdom and inspiration, based on scripture. I liked it so much, I bought myself one too. ūüôā

I needed some inspiration today, so I started reading through the book. I found this that lightened my spirits and made me smile, and I thought I would share it with you. Enjoy!

What is Heaven like?

“It’s blue like the sky and all the food tastes good. And you can make the weather anything you want.”
Bryce, age 7

“It’s very big, and it’s not scary.”
Carrie, age 3

“It’s a cool place where everything goes right.”
Brennan, age 9

“It’s cool, and you can skateboard there without getting hurt.”
Charles, age 11

“It’s where you see all the people you miss.”
Michael, age 14

“It’s surrounded by pearly gates. The streets are made of gold. The sky there is a beautiful misty blue, and the air is clean.”
Lily, age 9

“Like the coolest museum that doesn’t cost anything — and you never have to go home.”
Nick, age 13

“Heaven is like earth, only with angels.”
Tyler, age 8

“Heaven is like the best amusement park ever!”
Jessie, age 6

“Heaven is where I’ll see my mom again.”
A.J., age 13
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