Waiting Is Worth It

by | Dec 2, 2014 | Love God, personal journey

There was a knock on my door this afternoon, and as I hurried to see who it was, the UPS man was walking away and towards his truck. Four packages were nestled together on our front step.

I love packages!

Two were addressed to me, and two to my husband.

Mine were Christmas gifts for others, and one of his was for our daughter.

The other one somehow disappeared.

I am a gift girl, and I love surprises. After 23 years together, my husband has figured both out.

I’m home alone tonight, and part of me wants to search for that disappearing package, as I’m sure it’s for me. I could snoop, find it, and sneak a peak inside.

Slightly tempted to do so, I’m halted by the memories flooding my mind of the year my younger brother and I went on a similar quest in our childhood home. I was eleven, and he was ten.

Down in our basement, tucked beside the clothes washer, there it was. A Cookie Monster purse. Baby blue with royal blue trim, decorated with a line of cookies around it. A mini, removable, stuffed Cookie Monster was tucked inside the front pocket. It was the most beautiful purse I had ever beheld! Can you believe, I still have it?? The mini Cookie Monster is long gone, but here is the beauty…

cookie monster purse edited

My brother’s gift? I had to text him to find out. His was a Star Wars Hoth Ice Planet action figure set. I find it interesting this event is embedded in his memory just as much as it is in mine, thirty-some years later!

It was thrilling to find these gifts, but tearing open the wrapping paper that “hid” them on Christmas morning was a complete let down. There was no surprise. There was no excitement. Finding our gifts before we were to open them spoiled the fun, and put a damper on Christmas. We never did that again, and we both still agree that was a rough lesson to learn.

This brings to mind the conversation I had last evening with my pastor and mentor. Because you know, I can apply about anything to my life spiritually. We caught up on life, discussed all sorts of subjects, and as always, I gleaned timely and important Biblical insights from her. One of the truths that struck me most was:

God will give the gifts He has for me when I’m ready to receive them.

Receiving them before I’m ready, and before I’m able to handle them, can be damaging and difficult.

Kind of like finding your Christmas gifts beforehand.

I shouldn’t go around snooping for them. I am to wait for God’s perfect timing. Not when I think I’m ready, but when He tells me I am. He knows me better than I know myself. After all, He’s got the owner’s manual. He’s the One Who created me.

Waiting. Waiting for His gifts.

Waiting is worth it

May we not be so quick to search for them, but patiently wait with anticipation. We know His gifts are going to be good. We know they’ll be wrapped all pretty, with bows to match. We know we won’t be disappointed or let down. He’ll give us the perfect gift, right when we’re good and ready.

Just like a little eleven-year-old the night before Christmas, I’m filled with anticipation. I’ll wait until Christmas morning to see what’s in the box.

Be patient, my friend. Waiting is worth it.

Much love to you today,



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  1. Kathryn Shirey

    Just a reminder I needed to see today! The wait WILL be worth it! Just believe… What a beautiful Christmas lesson.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Thank you, Kathryn for stopping in and for sharing this. It will be worth it! Blessings to you!

  2. Anita Ojeda

    I LOVE this! I have a similar experience that would take forever to tell ;). I’m a gift person, too, but I don’t think anyone in my family has figured it out! But that’s ok, I LOVE giving gifts. In fact, I can’t wait to give gifts until Christmas or birthdays–that’s how impatient I am to see the surprise on someone else’s face ;). Which proves the point of your post–waiting for God’s perfect timing means the gifts most likely won’t show up when we expect them.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Anita, we have so much in common! I am the same… I can’t wait to see the surprise on someone’s face when they open my gift(s). Love that! Thanks for sharing this, and someday, I’d love to hear/read your similar experience!

  3. Mary Dolan Flaherty

    Oh my gosh, I LOVE this! I felt your excitement about the packages. I love packages too! Even if it’s just the coffee I ordered. Yay, new K-cups! I’m such a dork. But the other story…the cookie monster purse (I love that you still have it!)…mine was the Eagles-On The Border album. There was no hiding albums in the 70s. It was a matter of who it belonged to—there were three of us! I didn’t open it; I just pressed the paper down real hard so I could see through it. And I had the exact same feeling! Euphoria and then severe disappointment. I love the analogy! I’m sharing this on my facebook page.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Eagles and K-cups! Love them both. Those memories bring back fresh emotions, don’t they?? Thanks for sharing this post. Can’t believe I still have that purse from years ago! Thanks for sharing your story here. You blessed me!

  4. Ellen Chauvin

    Beautiful post Julie! Yes, we must wait on the Lord to determine if we can handle His gifts! But when it’s time – watch out!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Amen to that, Ellen! Thanks for stopping by today. Always a joy to have you here. God bless you!

  5. Diana Rockwell

    I remember the time I found my doll that was to be my Christmas present and I had to pretend to be surprised on Christmas morning. I don’t think I ever told my mom. I want the gifts that are mine in His time. Thanks for sharing, Julie, I am your fan. Diana

    • Julie Lefebure

      You’re sweet, Diana. Thank you! It sounds like you and I had similar childhood experiences with Christmas presents. His gifts are best, in His time, aren’t they?! Have a blessed day. Thanks for coming by!

  6. Sarah Donegan

    Since I feel like I am always waiting for a piece of my life to fall into place, I need to hear this. God’s got it, so I don’t have to!

    • Julie Lefebure

      Sarah, I agree. God’s got it. We have nothing to worry about. Thank you for being here today. You’re a blessing!


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