W2W – Doing What’s Best For Him

by | May 7, 2014 | Marriage, W2W

Proverbs 31:12 Doing what's best for my husband.

It’s Woman to Woman Wednesday! Continuing our look at Proverbs 31.

I read the above scripture and I react two ways. Part of me wants to hide.

God, my husband, and I know the truth. I’m not the Proverbs 31:12 wife. It seems impossible to be like her.

The other part of me wants God to refine me into the wife He desires me, and quickly.

I want to be this kind of wife. Will I ever be? One, who every single day, does what’s best for my husband? And one who never does anything to him that’s hurtful or harmful?

Hurtful words. Harmful thoughts. Putting my needs first. Getting upset when he doesn’t respond in the way I think he should. Acting impatiently. Finding fault. Getting frustrated.

Accurate descriptions of the wife I’ve been at times throughout our marriage. I don’t see any of them describing the wife in Proverbs 31.


Will I ever arrive? Will I ever be that kind of wife?

My mom was. I never once saw her do anything hurtful or harmful to my dad. Not once. Up until the moment Dad took his last breath, I watched her do what was best for him. She loved him completely. She loved him unconditionally. She was the Proverbs 31 wife.

Oh, how I wish I could ask her today how she did it. How she lived out her wife-calling so beautifully, gracefully and full of love. I’d love her insight.


This scripture reminds me of a song by Eric Church, “Like Jesus Does.” Every time I hear it, a desire wells up in me all the more to love my husband like Jesus does.

That’s a tall order. Who can do that?

I’ve proven I can’t do it on my own.

But what I can do is look at Jesus through God’s Word. I can study His life and see how He loved those around Him. I can seek Him, pray, and ask Him to help and guide me love my husband like He does.

For those of us in the sisterhood of wifehood, we have hope. If you are like me and find yourself struggling to be this kind of wife, don’t lose heart. Today is a new day. Let’s begin anew. A fresh start. Turning over a new leaf, so to speak.

When our words are harsh. When our thoughts are damaging. When we want our way and we want it now. We have a better example. Follow it with me today, won’t you?

Father God, thank you for your calling on my life to be my husband’s wife. Father, I can’t love him completely on my own. Please help me to love him like Jesus does, and to be the wife you desire me to be. Mold me. Shape me. Equip me. Guide me to do what is best for my husband every day. Allow him to see Jesus in me. In Jesus’ name. Amen.

Sending love your way today!

(It’s Woman to Woman Wednesday! Linking up with Meredith and friends at 4hisgloryblog.com.)

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  1. Katie Reid (@ImprintsKatie)

    Thank you for your honesty- I feel this “sigh” too when I read this passage, but with God, we can to do it- with His example and the Holy Spirit we can improve. Thanks for your prayer as we follow the “better example” found in Jesus.:)

    • Julie

      Katie, thank you! So thankful we have that example in Jesus. Can you imagine life without Him? Scary thought. Blessings to you this day!

  2. Abby

    Thanks for your honesty here, Julie. We are will never fully “arrive” on this side of eternity, but thank God he is constantly teaching us and shaping us when we seek Him! This is a beautiful reminder that God isn’t finished with us yet, and we can always make the decision to abide in Him and reflect his love to our spouse, our family, friends and others.

    • Julie

      Abby, you are spot on here…abiding in him and reflecting our love to our spouse and to others. That’s the only way we’ll even have a chance at loving others unconditionally. So glad God isn’t finished with me yet! Thank you for sharing your thoughts and insight. God bless you, friend!


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