Two Things Making Me Laugh…

by | Jun 19, 2010 | Ramblings

Tonight I’m up a little later than normal…it’s Ali’s “Sweet 16” birthday party and we had probably 40+ kids downstairs at one point!

But as I’m recalling my day in my mind, two things are making me laugh…one thing happened at the Mission and one thing happened here at home tonight.

1)  I was standing at the “welcome desk” at Mission of Hope today after lunch.  Kimmie was in the kitchen, and at this point in the day, the daily crowd had already thinned to a minimum.  I heard Kimmie say from the kitchen, “Julie, look what I found!”  I turned her direction to see her holding up a roll of kitchen-sized garbage bags.  I said back, “Whoo hoo!”  (We ran out of garbage bags yesterday and had to run across the street to the grocery store to buy more…not realizing we had another roll tucked away.)  We both found ourselves getting excited about finding them, along with Holly, one of our wonderful volunteers.  I then said, “It’s pretty funny what we get excited about here, isn’t it?  Garbage bags!”  We all laughed again! 🙂

2)  Tonight my brother came over for a late dinner, as Ali was having her party downstairs.  We both LOVE corned beef hash.  We whipped up some for dinner, with fried eggs and english muffins.  It was wonderful…and I think we savored EVERY bite!  About an hour afterwards, we were talking about the corned beef hash.  I said something like…”Why wouldn’t I love corned beef hash…after all I love corned beef and potatoes!”  Pat said straight faced, “It’s like a Reese’s peanut butter cup…but with other stuff!”  I’m still laughing from that! 🙂

Maybe you “had to be there” for these couple of things, but they will be embedded in my mind for a very long time…getting excited about garbage bags and corned beef hash being compared to Reese’s peanut butter cups!  Could I be “losing it?”  🙂  Nah…

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