In the Center of God’s Will

by | Jun 18, 2010 | Serving

For over sixteen years I have had a pretty flexible schedule, being a Mary Kay beauty consultant. Thirteen of them have been spent being a sales director, which means helping other women in their businesses, and still running my personal Mary Kay business.  It’s been completely flexible, and I’ve loved that!  I have been the one to decide when and where I will go to do whatever, and I’ve always planned my work around my family.  I’m thankful now, more than ever, that God has allowed me to do that all these years.  I haven’t had to “punch a clock” for sixteen years…until now.

Someone asked me the question the other day…”You have to “punch a clock” now?  Why would you give up that flexibility?”  I feel I haven’t given up my flexibility…it’s just different right now.  When God calls you to “punch a clock,” do you argue?  No…you do what He’s telling you to do.  “Punching a clock” is not a bad thing…it’s just not something I have been used to.  God has called me to a new season in my life, AND to a new schedule…I’m adjusting to it, rather slowly I might add.  And I’m trusting Him…if He’s calling me to a new schedule, I know He will give me all that I need…and more…to do it.

With Phylllis leaving Mission of Hope next month, God has called me to be there more and to take up some of her responsibilities.  Instead of spending my summer days working from home and hanging out with the kids, I’m spending three or four full days a week at the Mission.  Some may see that as a step backward, but I’m seeing it differently.  I’m seeing it as God’s plan for my life right now.  I’m seeing it as being obedient to His call.  I’m seeing it as a period of transition in my life.  I’m seeing it as giving God control of my life instead of me always trying to be in control.  This hasn’t been easy for me, by no means, but I can see it’s all a part of God’s plan.

I’m still trying to balance my responsibilities with my family, my responsibilties of taking care of our home, my responsibilities of my business, and my responsibilities at Mission of Hope.  I’m trusting that it’s beginning to all mesh together somehow. 🙂  And as I’m working through this transition, the blessings God has given me have been pricesless to…blessings at home, blessings at the Mission, blessings in my business, blessings in having a joy-filled heart, and blessings in requiring more sleep!  And I’m trusting God will continue to bless me as I follow His leading.

Today will be the third eight-hour day at Mission of Hope for me this week…and if you’ve never been there, it’s a busy, non-stop eight hours.  As I will probably read on facebook later today how so many will be at the pool today, or enjoying the outdoors today, or relaxing at home today…part of me will feel that twinge of missing out on those things.  But a bigger part of me will be thanking God for the many lives I got to be a part of at the Mission today, and for the opportunity to be in the center of His will for my life today.

This song by Avalon is one of my all-time favorites about staying in the center of God’s will…may it encourage you today as it did me (again).

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