42. The Truth About Staying In Your Own Lane

by | May 24, 2022 | Podcast

So, what does it mean to “stay in your own lane”? Have you heard this term before? What do you think… is it a positive thing or something negative? Well, we are covering these questions and a couple more as we discuss the subject of running the race before us, a spin-off subject of last week’s episode. Together here we’ll find some encouragement, help, and hope for our real lives.

I played all the sports I could in high school, and in the spring season I ran track. I was particularly fond of the hurdles and short sprints. Long distance was not my gig, but I could run a 100m or 200m race with the best of them. And our relay teams, which I was a part of, earned many a medal back then. And actually, I still have the hardware to prove it.

The Truth About Staying in Your Own Lane   |  woman running on track

But I quickly learned staying in my own lane was crucial.

Because back then, and maybe it’s still the same today, a runner could get disqualified from the race for leaving her lane. And who wants to get disqualified? Not this girl. But more importantly, it was unsafe to cross the lines of my lane. Unsafe for me and for my neighbor running next to me.

But even so, staying in my own lane wasn’t so easy if I took my focus off of where I was going. My focus was key. As I’ve heard Lysa TerKeurst say, “We steer where we stare.” Focusing straight ahead to the finish line was crucial for not only finishing the race, but possibly winning it.

Little did I know back then how my track experience of staying in my lane would impact me later in life.

Even though I now run on a different track, the track of life instead of a track at a high school meet, it’s still important to stay right where God has me. In my own lane.

I share how God wired me to be a competitive person. Competition can be good, until it’s not good. You can guess how I know that. I also share in this episode the one big obstacle that has prevented me from winning often.

You’ll also hear about our friend who is a race car driver and the importance of him staying in his own lane.

Listen to the full 14-minute episode by clicking the player above.

Let’s stay right where God has us, you in your lane and me in mine. He will safely lead us to the finish line. I’m cheering you on, friend!

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Episode 42 The Truth About Staying in Your Own Lane  |  Encouragement for Real Life Podcast
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