135. The Truth About Distractions and Our Purpose

by | Mar 5, 2024 | Podcast

I know this truth about distractions and our purpose, and I even wrote about it in my book, Right Now Matters. But in my everyday real life, and living in today’s culture, I believe it got a bit buried. But after God’s reminder in my own study as I led two groups of women through the Right Now Matters Bible Study, I unburied it, dusted it off, and began carrying it with me once again. Somewhere along the way I let it slip out of my focus, and sadly, that’s what happens when we get distracted.

The Truth About Distractions and Our Purpose | woman sitting at a table with eye glasses in one hand and an hour glass in the other

Distractions entice us to let go of what’s important for far lesser things.

It’s easy to let go of what’s important when we’re distracted. And consequently, it’s easy to lose sight of our purpose when we’re distracted.

How do I know? Well, because I’ve lived this out in my life, and maybe you have too. You just didn’t realize it as such. Or maybe you have realized it, and now God is reminding you, kind of like He recently reminded me.

What is your purpose, and what is mine? Or better yet, what is God’s purpose for us. Only when we know our purpose can we stay focused on it. It’s tough to stay focused on something we don’t know or understand, don’t you agree? We look at three points of God’s purpose for us.

When we’re distracted, we can lose sight of our purpose.

But when we live attentive and undistracted, we are better able to fully live out our purpose… and God’s purpose for us.

God is the solution to living an undistracted life. He is all we need. And without Him we don’t stand a chance against the never-ending, relentless, all-consuming distractions of life.

The truth about distractions and our purpose is that distractions keep us from following God’s purpose for our lives.

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This truth about distractions and our purpose wakes us up, doesn’t it? Distractions will always pull us away from what’s important and will entice us to focus on lesser things. Let’s do all we can to come against these distractions and continue to walk out the purpose God has for us. I’m glad we get to travel this road together. Stay encouraged this week, friend. God bless you!

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