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by | Oct 6, 2008 | Inspiration, Mary Kay

I have been working away in my office this afternoon, and I came across a thought from Mary Kay Ash, the founder of Mary Kay Inc. It touched my heart as I have realized the truth of this first-hand in my life…

“When you look back in old age at the good times
you had, it won’t matter how much money you made,
how much overtime you put in or how many
evenings and weekends you worked at home to
catch up on what you didn’t get done at the office.
Instead you’re going to think about all the precious
moments you spent with your loved ones – special
times that had nothing to do with your work.”

First of all, I find it interesting that this thought came from a founder of an amazing and very successful company, and who is a woman! From reading her life story, Mary Kay Ash kept her life in balance, especially in the areas of work and family. I have always been impressed with how she lived her life.
Second of all, seven years ago I poured myself into my career…working most evenings and weekends. I was SO out of balance in my life then. I thought working more, doing more, striving for more would bring me peace and happiness. I was dead wrong! I was missing my family, was tired all the time, and was miserable! Even though I excelled in my career and won many things because of my hard work and determination, I had no peace.
God soon got my attention and even though it was painful, He helped me get my focus back on where it needed to be. I’m thankful it’s been focused on the right things–for the most part–ever since.
I hope this thought helped you today as much as it helped remind me to keep what’s REALLY important as my focus!
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