All School Alumni Banquet

by | Oct 2, 2008 | friends, journey

In my last post I wrote about my experience of living in a small town, and I mentioned I would write about my small school in this post. My high school was extremely small, especially compared to the size of high school that my daughter attends now! We had approximately 100 students in our high school, and I had 27 in my graduating class!

Since our school was small, we as students were encouraged to get involved in many things. I played all the sports I could…volleyball, basketball, track and softball. I was in the high school play each year. I was on the newspaper staff and on the Student Council. I played the flute and piccolo in band, and was in our marching band. I sang in our choir and in show choir.

The education I received, I believe, could stand up to any education from a larger school. Our class sizes were obviously small, and we students received lots of individual attention. The atmosphere at school was a “family-like” atmosphere. I loved high school, and I will share more memories as they come back to me.

Our small school merged with a bigger school in 1991…it was a sad day when our school lost it’s “identity.” My children can’t really understand how special and different my small school was as I share with them my memories and my stories…as they are experiencing attending such a large school.

Three weeks ago I attended our All School Alumni Banquet. Over 800 people who graduated from our school attended this Banquet. I don’t know the oldest graduating class that attended, but there sure were a lot of classes represented! It was great to see so many familiar faces–some from long ago, some from when I was growing up, and some who I see on a more regular basis! Many laughs and memories were shared, and I enjoyed talking to so many people! This banquet helped me again be thankful for my small town living and my small school. I look forward to the next banquet.

Below are some fun pictures of the All School Alumni Banquet. I will cherish the memories of this evening forever! 🙂

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