This Family is a Blessing

by | Mar 9, 2009 | family, friends, Jill G.

Yesterday was a mixed-up-kind-of-a-Sunday for us since I had overslept and caused us to miss church. We were out of our normal routine, which felt very strange! Early afternoon we went over to Brian and Jill’s home to help with writing thank you’s. The funeral home had given Brian around 700 thank you cards, and it wouldn’t have surprised me if there was really that many to write! Jill touched a lot of lives!

The house was filled with family and friends helping, so the process went pretty quickly. I sat back at one point and just watched everyone working, doing their own part of the process of writing these thank you’s. What a gift this was for Brian…I couldn’t imagine even just a handful of people writing these…it would have taken days to finish them, and here most of them were being completed in one day!

Brian and Jill have an amazing family! I have felt blessed and privileged to get to know them. I had met Brian’s mom, Jill’s mom and Jill’s sister and niece before. Other than that, I hadn’t met any others until that Wednesday when Jill became ill. Spending time with them in the hospital, at the visitation, at the funeral and then spending time with them yesterday was such a blessing for me! I felt like part of their family yesterday! We all felt that way! They are so caring, kind and compassionate! Everyone was so grateful for the help, and they were certain to tell us so. I hated to leave their home last evening…the thought of wondering when/if I’d see some of them again saddened me. I’m hopeful I will get the privilege of spending time with them again soon.

It’s obvious to me the impact Jill had on all of their lives! I enjoy hearing their stories and how they have shared fun memories of times with Jill! I only wish I could have met them and spent time with them while Jill was still on this earth! But I’m thankful that now they are a part of my life, and I can now consider them my friends too! So, I guess that’s one good thing for me that has come from this tragedy. They are a blessing to me!

I will be keeping all of Jill’s and Brian’s family members in my prayers this week, along with Brian and Alex, as they go about their week and make adjustments without the earthly presence of Jill. Will you join me in doing that? I thank you, and I know they would thank you too!

God bless you this week!

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