Thankful for God’s Protection

by | Dec 11, 2011 | This Lefe Family

I woke up this morning, and the first thing I remember thinking about was of was Ali’s accident on Monday.  The thought of  her being removed from my life shakes me to my core.

I then couldn’t help but thank God again for protecting her.  I have thanked Him and praised Him for saving her life countless times this week.  I know that I know that I know that God had His hand upon Ali Monday morning.  He could  have taken her home, but chose to keep her here.  I’m forever grateful.

I have gone through a myriad of emotions this week.  I have thought many thoughts that have never crossed my mind before.  All the petty things that have consumed my mind previously, really are insignificant.  Lynnette, the mom of Ali’s friend Taylor and Ali’s assistant volleyball coach said it well on Monday as we were sitting together in the E.R. waiting room…

“Nothing else in life seems to matter in a time like this.”

Ali hasn’t complained much regarding being in pain or regarding her injuries this week.  She went to school in pain every day, and is still working to get caught up from being sick and missing 14 days of school in October/November.  She took her ACTs yesterday, after having to postpone them in October.  She is showing her maturity as she works through all of this.  I couldn’t be more proud.

She got her 13 stitches out yesterday.  The nurse was very rough as she took them out.  Ali half-jokingly said to me afterwards she wanted punch the nurse for being so rough. 🙂  (She’s getting back to her normal self!)  Her cut is healing well.  She didn’t like the way it looked yesterday, but I thought it looked good, despite just getting stitches out.  Under her eyes have turned yellow, like a bruise.  Her cut looks even better today.  We’ll start putting vitamin E on it to hopefully minimize scarring.


I’ll continue to thank God as we walk this out together.  I’ll continue to trust Him as He has shown His faithfulness to our family time and time again.  And it’s reassuring to know even if God would have taken her home, I know she would spend eternity with Him in heaven because she has accepted Jesus as her Lord and her Savior.  And I would one day see her again.  I’m overjoyed though, that I get to just walk down the hallway to her room to see her today.  I won’t take my children for granted ever again!

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