Sunday, Santa Claus and Mistletoe

by | Feb 24, 2013 | This Lefe Family

I’m enjoying this Sunday afternoon, relaxing and refreshing my soul. I’m thinking this kind of day is what God was talking about in His Word on keeping the Lord’s Day holy. 🙂

Mission of Hope’s Worship Service was so uplifting and encouraging this morning. The Spirit’s presence was heavy on that place today…it was nothing less than powerful!

I made us a brunch-type lunch after arriving home, then dug into my Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) lesson. I’m sad to say I was behind in my lesson for the week, yet I felt God taught me much, and just what I needed today. I found it interesting that in one of the Psalms referenced in my lesson were the words I was led to pray during our opening prayer this morning at the Mission!

I love it when God does stuff like that!

I find it interesting that once again, Zach and I are spending this Sunday together in the living room. He on the couch, and me in the recliner. Both under blankets. Both missing football. We’ve already discussed how we miss it. I’m just thankful he doesn’t mind hanging out with his mom at almost 16 years old! Sure, he’s playing FIFA on his xbox (and I’m cheering for his goals) as I’m on my laptop…but we’re still together. 🙂

As we were just talking about something, I glanced out the dining room deck doors. It’s beautiful outside today. Sun is shining and it’s a balmy 34 degrees. I consider anything above 32 degrees warm during these days of winter! Snow is melting. There’s no wind. It’s quiet and peaceful. Have I mentioned before that I love where we live?

But, then I noticed something.

The gel window clings on the window of the deck doors…Santa and a reindeer. Zach put them there one morning in December, and they’ve been part of our room decor ever since. Then my eyes moved to the window next to the doors. I still have a mistletoe decoration hanging there too. The critical part of me said, “Ummm, Julie…Christmas was almost two months ago. How did you miss those? When are you ever going to get it together?”

And then as quickly as those thoughts filled my mind, more positive ones replaced them…”Hey, if that’s all you’ve left behind, that’s pretty darn good. Haven’t you said many times before that we should celebrate Christmas every day? Well, here’s your chance.”

Mistletoe is a great thing to keep up all year long!

I have to say I like the forgiving part of me better than the critical! Do I give anyone hope out there? I’m thankful God doesn’t expect perfection from me! And He doesn’t expect it from you either. He just desires a relationship with us. That’s a pretty incredible thing!

So, I don’t know how long Santa will stay up or how long we’ll keep the mistletoe as part of our spring decor, but until they come down, they’ll be a reminder of this beautiful Sunday and a reminder it’s okay to not be perfect.

Have a blessed Sunday!

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