Spring Break!!

by | Mar 13, 2011 | health, me, spring

“It feels like the first day of summer vacation!”

Those were the words Zach used yesterday when I picked him up after school…after his last day of school for a week.  They have spring break next week.  His words were exactly what I felt as well, as I took all of next week off too!
I woke up this morning, ready to begin our “spring break,” but I woke up to not feeling the best.  I’ve forced myself to finish the work I needed to for the Mission, and for my Mary Kay business, I tried walking on the treadmill, and I even tried to organize some things I wanted to work on today.  But I feel weak, tired and not myself.  Bill and I were planning on having a date night tonight, but that’s gone by the wayside too. 

Tomorrow will be a new day, right?  God’s mercies are new every morning, right?  Yes, I’m standing on that…it’ll be a great day tomorrow!  We’ll turn the clocks ahead tonight, and lose an hour of sleep, but it’ll still be a great day tomorrow! 🙂  We’ll start spring break tomorrow!  I can’t wait! 

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