Spring Break Day 2

by | Mar 14, 2011 | family, spring

As my post read yesterday, Spring Break started yesterday for our family, but I feel for me, it began today (since I didn’t feel well yesterday).  What a great day it was!

I’m so ready for winter to be over.  My calendar says it begins on the 20th, but in my mind, I wanted it to begin today.  So, I broke out my white denim jacket for the first time this season, and paired it with a new tank for underneath. I was pleasantly surprised to still fit in jeans I found hidden in my closet yesterday from last year…one of my all-time favorites!  (How could I have forgotten about them?)  I added heels and felt like I was welcoming in spring! 🙂  Can I put my standard blacks, grays and browns away yet though? 

Mission of Hope’s Worship Service this morning was wonderful.  Gary Nelson, the head of Mission of Hope’s Jail Ministry gave a very inspiring and thought-provoking message.  It was nice to see him and his wife, Lynn, again, along with some of their friends who are also friends of our family’s.  All four of us were able to attend church together today…a first for a very long time. 

We ate at Jersey’s afterwards, and I had my favorite…their Reuben.  🙂

Ali and I spent some time shopping this afternoon.  It’s her favorite pastime.  We found a few things (again, I was in the mood to look for spring styles).  We had such a fun time together…laughs, smiles, good conversation. 

Zach has a friend overnight tonight, Ali went on to hang out at dinner and bowling with some of her youth group friends, and I’m just enjoying some down-time at home.  I did my nails, booked some future hotel stays online, and am listening to some of my favorite music.  I might just stay up later than normal tonight and sleep in tomorrow morning!  After all, I don’t have to get up for anything at any certain time tomorrow.  I’m liking that thought. 🙂

Looking forward to Day 3! 

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