Some Smart Cousins!

by | Mar 8, 2011 | This Lefe Family

I’m bragging on our daughter again…

A week ago, I was thrilled and honored to attend a ceremony at Ali’s high school which honored the students who earned an Academic Award last semester.  Ali was one of those students!  She again made the honor roll, and I believe, she has made it every semester in her high school career thus far.  I beamed with pride as she walked across the stage as her name was called.  If I could have given a “WHOOT WHOOT!” outloud, I would have. 🙂

The fun thing was, she did not represent her family alone.  She had two cousins following her…Evan and Morgan.  I snapped a picture of all three of them after the ceremony, during the picture-taking time. 🙂

I texted Ali as I walked to the car afterwards…”I’m so proud of you! You continue to amaze me!”  And she does.  Congratulations, you three!!

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