Zach’s Report Card

by | Mar 7, 2011 | This Lefe Family

Are you tired of me bragging about my children yet? 🙂  I’m just so proud of them, I want to share.

Last Thursday we had Zach’s school conference for his 2nd trimester of eighth grade.  He is doing so well in school, and his report card reflects it.  I’m very, very proud of him!  He continues to make his school work a priority…when he comes home from school each day, he gets his homework done right away.

But what I was most impressed with were the comments from his teachers… 

His Language Arts teacher wrote, “Zach, you have turned in some good, quality work this trimester, and you have participated well in class discussions.  Keep it up!”

His American History teacher wrote, “Daily preparation for class is good.  Enjoyable to work with.”

His Band teacher wrote, “Zach is a pleasure to have in band.”

And his Choir teacher wrote, “Zach is a talented singer and music reader.  He is a leader in our choir and a pleasure to work with in choir.”

Those comments mean more to me than any grade.  And in four of his classes he received an “outstanding” in his work habit.  I could be more proud!

Great job, Zach!  You’re a good kid, and the best son!  Keep up the great work!  Your Mom loves you! 🙂

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