Senior Night

by | May 15, 2012 | This Lefe Family

Last Thursday evening was Senior Night for our school’s Men’s Soccer program. At the beginning of the year, I volunteered to help organize this evening. Little did I know then that Ali would soon contact one of the coaches and ask if she could be the Varsity team’s manager…and I would also have a Senior who would be recognized on Senior Night.
It’s a good thing she was their manager. Six weeks out we began planning, organizing, and working on making this evening special for these Senior players. Ali played such a huge part in all of it. She offered to make a poster for each Senior player. She helped collect their photos and their bios for the program that would be handed out that evening. She was my “point person,” and she did an amazing job.
There were 12 Senior players this year. As I read what each of them submitted about themselves, and as I scanned their pictures and viewed the photos they sent for the posters, I felt like I got a small glimpse into their lives. It was fun to be able to see them in a different light than only soccer players. Plus, since they are classmates of Ali’s, it made the process of planning the night even more special. 
 I took these two pictures (above & below) of the Varsity players and Ali two days before Senior Night.

 The Seniors’ posters showcased before walking into stands
 Proud parents escorting Ali on the track
 Coach Lewis handing Ali her framed picture
 Seniors and their parents
 Colyn & Ali
 Ali & Troy
 Aww…Zach & Ali
 Ali & Troy
 Ali & Ben
 How cute…Ali & Emily!
 Jason & Ali
 All the Seniors!
 Slater & Ali
 Ali & Austin
Ali & Santiago

With the help of many parents, the players and coaches, Senior Night was a huge success! Thanks to all who made it happen…especially Ali, and two other moms–Karen & Michelle!

Congrats Ali, Santi, Austin, Jason, Jarred, Michael, Zach, Ben, Colyn, Troy, Desire & Slater!!

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