Ali’s Senior Presentation

by | May 17, 2012 | This Lefe Family

Tonight was a very special night.

Ali gave her Senior Presentation. I had never been to one before, but it’s a requirement for graduation for each Senior. Ali made the comment earlier in the week when she was preparing for it that she would probably cry a few times through it. I had an inkling that if she would be crying, I probably would be too…so I arrived prepared with kleenex.
And I’m glad I did.
She invited those who have made a significant impact in her life. Not all were family. I thought it was pretty cool when I looked around the room before it started…each person had touched her life in a very special way. The room was full.
Right before she began, her friend Taylor surprised her and walked into the room. Ali’s tears began. They’ve been friends since Ali was around 2 years old.
Ali did such a great job. She shared her life these last four years. She shared memories. She shared the difficulties and obstacles in her life, and she shared the passing of those who meant so much to her. She had a laughing one minute, and crying the next. I couldn’t have been more proud.
Her touching and heartfelt thank you at the end blessed me the most. She thanked me for many things…things I didn’t know she was thankful for…things I didn’t know she could see or understand…things I didn’t know that she had “caught.” She thanked Bill and her brother and all who came. I thought it was pretty special everyone that she invited was able to come. 🙂
It hit me hard yesterday. Ali is graduating. Really graduating. She is no longer my little girl. She is growing up into a beautiful young woman. I can’t really comprehend or understand just how fast these years have gone by. I’m thankful for the woman God is growing her to be, and I’m thankful I’ve been with her every step of the way. I look forward to watching her soar in the years ahead.
The classroom was filled with everyone she invited.
Beginning her presentation…

Ali did such a great job!

Lots of hugs…
I have no make up left…with nephew Brandon
I love this picture…
More hugs…
Two cute cousins!
Taylor & Ali…how cute!
 Ali with Grandpa & Grandma
 Renae, Ali, Brian & Carly
 One of Ali’s closest friends Taylor & Grace
 Brandon (a.k.a. Brando) & Ali
 Ali with her Godmother Tina, Grace & Oliva
 Ali with the Furman family
 Reagan, Ali & Uncle/Godfather Pat
 Ali with Mom & Dad
 Cousins Brandon, Evan, & Ali with Santi
Ali & Jacob
On to the next “last” thing of Ali’s…we have a lot of them coming up in the next week! Congratulations, sweet Ali! 🙂
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