105. Relationship Hack: Assume the Best in Others

by | Aug 8, 2023 | Podcast

Do you and I naturally assume people have good intentions or do we lean towards assuming they have not-so-good ones? Do we assume the best in others or do we assume the worst? We’re discussing this in today’s episode, and if you’re anything like me, sometimes I could use a reminder every now and then on how to keep the relationships in my life healthy and growing. I think we’ll find that reminder today. Hang with me here for this next short while, and together we’ll find help and hope for our real lives right now.

Relationship Hack: Assume the Best in Others | two women sitting across the table from each other having coffee

In my monthly email to those in my email community last week, I shared how last month someone’s words directed to me stung as I read them. This person came at me with firey, unkind words, and attacked my character and professionalism. I can never quite prepare myself for instances like this, and I don’t think I’ll ever enjoy such an encounter.

After reading the gut-wrenching words, a familiar saying came to my mind. “Hurting people hurt people.” And they do. I’ve lived on this earth long enough to understand the truth of that statement. So I reminded myself how this person much be hurting right now, and threw up a quick prayer on this one’s behalf.

But after that, I got to thinking. We as a generalized population are sometimes quick to assume the worst in others, aren’t we? We often jump to a quick conclusion of someone’s bad intention towards us. You and I can see this often on social media. Why is that?

Why do we often assume the worst in others, instead of the best?

We discuss some possible answers to that question, and I share a Bible verse that speaks to the hope we have and the solution for it.

We can be the change we want to see in this world and in our relationships. Repeat after me:

I will assume the best in others, not the worst.

Click on the player above to listen to the full 12-minute episode and find three ways to assume the best in others.

Let’s be about treating others the way we want to be treated this week by assuming the best in them. I’m so glad we get to journey through this life together. Thanks for being here! God bless you.

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