Reflecting on 2007

by | Dec 31, 2007 | personal journey

It’s December 31…New Year’s Eve. Where has 2007 gone? As I reflect on the year, I’m filled with many emotions. If you could choose one word to describe your 2007, what word would you choose? Depending on perspective, some might say I had a rough year, or a difficult year, and yet some might say I had a good year or a stable year. I guess if I had to categorize it, I would call it a growing year.

A growing year? I feel like I grew in many ways in 2007…I grew, most importantly, in my relationship with our Lord. Bible Study Fellowship kept me in God’s Word, and learning of Him, His ways, His love, etc., even on the days I really didn’t “feel like” doing it. I thank God for BSF. (By the way, visit the BSF link at the bottom of the blog for more information.)

I grew in compassion. After losing my mother last December, and grieving immensely after her death, God softened my heart. You know, God can use all that we go through to grow us…including grieving the death of a loved one. I now seem to have more compassion for the hurting, the lost, the broken-hearted and the needy. Could I have said that a year ago? I don’t think so.

I grew in Godly priorities. God first, family second and career third. How I have learned time and time again that God wants me to live my life in that order…not the other way around.

I grew in listening for God’s “voice” and following it. I don’t think I’ve ever heard God’s audible “voice” speak to me, but He has certainly spoke to me. It’s something I can’t explain. He’s spoken to me through His Word, His people, His sermons, and through the Holy Spirit. When I have followed what He has asked me to do, I’ve been blessed beyond measure.

I grew in trust. I’ve had to trust God this year more than any other year. That’s been a hard thing at times…to wait on His timing and not try to control things on my own. Again, when I’ve trusted and waited, I’ve been blessed. He’s never early and never late.

I grew in new skills. I’ve learned many new things this year…new talents I didn’t know I had, new communication skills, new areas of life that I’d never ventured into before. It’s been excited to continue to grow at learning new things!

I grew in focusing on living a life that honors God. Can I honestly say that I honor God with every thought, every action, everything I do each and every day? No, I cannot–I wish I could. But because of that focus, it helps me to stay on purpose to honor God. It’s been a growing process for me to start and grow this blog. It’s been a fun part of my life as well.

There’s many more ways God has grown me, but it would take a much longer post than anyone would have time to read. I do give Him all the glory for what He has done in my life this year.

As you reflect on 2007, I ask you…what word would describe your year? What are you thankful for? What do you pray for in the New Year? What’s one thing you can do to live a life that honors God in 2008? I would love to hear your responses…feel free to comment!

Friend, I am praying for you this night. I pray that God touches your heart, in some powerful way that only He can, and that you would know it’s Him. I pray that 2008 is a year full of His abundant love in your life! I am praying for YOU! Let’s live a life that honors God together!

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