RAGBRAI 2015 – Update 4

by | Jul 21, 2015 | personal journey

I’d have to say, we’re getting this tandem biking thing down. We cranked up the speed today, and arrived in our overnight town by 3:30pm.

Today’s 73 mile ride was beautiful. Tiring, but beautiful.

So many great towns. Seven to be exact… Duncombe, Webster City,  Boondocks, Williams, Alden, Buckeye and finishing in Eldora. They each had their own theme and style. I love seeing how each town brings out their best for this massive crowd. (I read there were 15,468 riders today.) These towns nearly shut down businesses and main streets to welcome us. They also like to show off their tractors. So fun!



We met people from all over the country biking beside us and at our stops… California, Florida, Texas, D.C., Illinois, and Minnesota. This isn’t just an Iowa thing.

Some interesting scenes along our route you might enjoy…


Crossing under I35


We had to walk our bikes over a part of the road that was under construction.



So many riders!


I’d say the toughest thing for me on this journey is climbing back on the bike in the mornings. My legs don’t want to work and my rear isn’t so happy from the day before. But after my first cup of coffee, life is much happier.

What I’m enjoying the most is just living life out there. No concern for time, or a schedule. I even had to ask Bill what today’s date was. No makeup (one actually looks out of place with makeup on here). I haven’t used hair products in days (except shampoo). No one cares about all these unimportant “things.” So freeing! Wish I could bring this attitude home with me.

We have 58 miles ahead of us tomorrow. Thank you for joining us on this RAGBRAI adventure in this way. I’ll update again soon!


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  1. Beth

    I have been enjoying your photos and updates, Julie. I think it’s so cool that you and your husband do this. Just Awesome!!! Praying for you.

    • Julie Lefebure

      Thanks for the prayers, Beth! We sure have a ball together! When are you heading this direction?? Would love to connect with you soon.


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