Privileged to Pray

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I consider it an honor to pray.

Prayer: The privilege of talking with God.Praying is talking with God. God…the Creator of the universe. The One who formed each of us in our mother’s womb. The King of Kings. The Lord of Lords. The One who calls out the stars each night by name. The Almighty One. Our Protector. Our Defender. Our Redeemer. The Lover of our souls. God.

We get the privilege of talking to God.

Isn’t that the most humbling thought of the day? It certainly humbles me to my knees.

I grew up praying as a child. I was taught to memorize words which was the only form of prayer I knew. Some of the words I didn’t understand. I didn’t know I could actually talk to God in plain, everyday language. I found that out later on in life. And how freeing and fulfilling it was to just talk to Him in my words and not in memorized prayers! But I thank God that Mom taught us four kids to get on our knees around one of our beds each night and pray together. That was the beginning for me.

Since that time of understanding I can go to God with anything, my life has been changed. I share my frustrations with Him, my fears, my thoughts (He knows them anyway). I give Him my weaknesses, my struggles and my self-absorbed will. I praise Him and I thank Him. All in Jesus’ name.

I’ve seen the power of prayer in countless ways. I’ve seen how God has answered again, and again, and again. Every day at Mission of Hope I see prayers answered. I see in my family prayers answered. I see God’s fingerprint all throughout my life and through my feeble prayers. It’s not the prayers I pray, but the God I pray to…the One true God…the God of the Bible.

I’ve been blessed lately in being asked to pray for people I don’t even know. I am touched that people in my life would ask me to pray for the individuals in their lives. And I take it seriously. I lift them and their need up to God as I talk openly to Him. I found out tonight from my sister-in-law that a young man we’ve been praying for is experiencing healing. What a praise!

When someone pops into my mind as I’m putting my makeup on, or in the shower in the morning, or while I’m driving, etc., I’ve learned  to pray for them. In fact, a friend who I attend Bible study with on Wednesday mornings came into my mind last Wednesday morning. I prayed for her right then. When I saw her a couple hours later at BSF, I told her so. I wasn’t sure what was going on in her life, but she must have came into my mind for a reason.

And it’s nothing for us as a family to stop in the middle of what we are doing to pray together for someone or something. Saturday we were in the kitchen having a great time together and I got a text from Tina asking us to pray for her daughter who was sick and on their way to Chicago. We stopped right then and asked God out loud to heal Grace.

I guess praying has become so natural to me over these years, that I find myself talking to God throughout my day (in my head most often). And sending up small little arrow prayers when something’s urgent like, “God, please give me the words to encourage this person,” and etc.

I’ve also seen how not all of my prayers are answered in the way I expect or want. God is sovereign and He always does what’s best for His people. It may not seem like it in our eyes or minds, but in His plans it’s what’s best. And we accept it and keep on praying anyway.

In BSF this week we are learning a model for prayer in Genesis 32 with Jacob’s prayer…

  • Praise God and acknowledge your relationship with Him.
  • Remember God’s Word and pray His Word back to Him.
  • Confess your sin and unworthiness.
  • Thank God for past mercies.
  • Pray specifically.
  • Pour out your heart to God…give Him the details.
  • Believe God’s promise to you personally with childlike faith.

Praise, Remember, Confess, Thank, Pray, Pour, Believe. Maybe that might help some of us who struggle in praying. But a good thing to remember…praying doesn’t have to be perfect. Just talk to God like we would a friend.

It’s a privilege to pray, and I’m thankful I get to do so! 🙂

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