"Pajama Day" Postponed

by | Jan 13, 2009 | family, winter

We postponed our “Pajama Day” that I thought we would have here at home today…the kids ended up having school, with a two-hour delay because of the blowing snow last night. I truly thought at bedtime that we wouldn’t have school today, but I was wrong. The roads were covered this morning as I drove the kids to school, but they weren’t as drifted with snow as what was expected. Our “Pajama Day” will have to wait until another day…

I stopped at the mall after taking the kids to school, found a couple new pair of jeans (used birthday money), had left-overs for lunch and now am working in my office a few hours before heading out again to pick up the kids from school. I’m also preparing Upside-down Pizza for dinner tonight, which is a huge hit at our home! All of us are excited about dinner tonight! 😉

It’s bitterly cold today…I’m thankful to God for our warm home, warm vehicles and warm clothing! Still looking forward to “Pajama Day” though!


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