More snow…

by | Jan 13, 2009 | winter

More snow fell today…it was sure beautiful falling from the sky. I knew by the weather forecast that I should enjoy the lightly falling snow today, because tonight it would be a different story. As I write this, I’m hearing the wind roar outside, blowing the fresh snow from today. Visibility is low tonight…I can barely see our town’s street lights from where we live, and snow drifts are getting bigger in our yard each time I look out. The temperature is supposed to fall to way below zero tonight. The kids got out of school two hours early today, and I’ll be surprised if they even have school tomorrow. A “pajama day” might be in store for us tomorrow! I’ll keep you posted!

Our Evergreen trees were so pretty this weekend…couldn’t resist to snap a few pictures of them! Stay warm! 🙂

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